Safety advice

We can avoid a lot of cases of cot death

By changing our habits, we can avoid a lot of cases of cot death. Cot death is not limited to one single cause. We know now that numerous factors in the child's environment can play a major part.

Here are 5 pointers

  1. Preferably put your baby on its back. Thanks to the modification of the way we put our babies to bed, the number of cot deaths has decreased from 75 to 37, since 1991! Simple things allow to eliminate numerous risks.
  2. Up to the age of 2 your baby has to sleep in a bed with hard bars, on a ferm mattress and suitable for the bed's dimensions, without a pillow, blanket or duvet.
    That is how you will avoid the risk of your baby sliding with its nose under the duvet, push its nose into the pillow, gets cornered between the mattress and the bars of the bed.
  3. The baby's face needs to stay free. Avoid bands, cuddly toys or any other object that may get wrapped around its neck or cover its face.
  4. The room temperature should vary between 18 and 20°, which is enough. A sleeping bag with a varying thickness according to the season, is very good for babies.
  5. Give preference to rooms without tobacco