Ooplaboo creates nighttime companions

Ooplaboo does not limit itself to developing pyjamas, it creates nighttime companions. The pyjamas offer a world of softness, comfort, a reassuring universe one can share with the other members of the family. They are an extension of the feeling of comfort and safety given by the parents.

In interlock or velvet, fabrics chosen for their solidity and their durability, our fabrics are of an incomparable softness.

Particulary adapted to the softness of a baby's skin, our pyjamas can be washed time and time again without losing their colours or their softness.

As a mother, Virginie Fraipont attaches great importance to comfort, but also to the safety of our children. The pure lines of the Ooplaboo pyjamas ensure lots of room to move.

The absence of buttons, bands or other decorations reduces the risk of choking and other accidents for our children.

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