Lorraine Frennet

Lorraine Frennet, a talented designer and a very experienced textile graphics designer, is the ideal partner. Every season she computerises the designs created by Virginie Fraipont and allows Ooplaboo to print magnificent textiles.

Ambre Frisque

Ambre Frisque, passionate photographer and professional model, is the person of choice for your negatives. Every season she photographs the pyjamas created by Viriginie Fraipont and allows Ooplaboo to bring its universe to life.

Agence Webadev

Webadev, a Li├Ęge-based web agency, creates your website for the promotion and development of your reputation. With its expertise, we have created our website. They adapted it to our image and our needs. Webadev is the undisputed agency for the creation of your website.