« I felt the need to see my kids grow up and the urge to create my own product. »

As soon as I got my degree in styling and modelling, I started working in 2001. I had just turned 21, but I was already curious, headstrong and creative. During eleven wonderful years I was able to developed within different, sometimes internationally renowned companies.

The past seven years I worked very hard for the brand « Mais il est où le soleil ? », because of which I had to commute between Liège and our capital, travel to China and India. Doing all that I managed to work myself up to production manager.

In 2007 our Léopold was born, followed by Constance in 2010.

2012 was a turning point: I wanted to take back control of my work and of my life.

I felt the need to see my kids grow up and the urge to create my own product.

With my independent and positive character, and with the urge to start my own business growing inside of me for years, it was logical to throw myself with heart and soul onto something that had interested me for years already: designing pyjamas.

Pyjamas can have a history, a soul and conjure up emotions.

Being a mother, I know that the arrival of a baby is an exceptional moment, that every child is unique. I also know that a pyjama can have a history, a soul and that it can conjure up emotions.

For all these reasons I wanted to create a unique, sustainable and pure product combining quality, safety and practicality. But also a tender and sometimes daring product.

With the Ooplaboo pyjamas I want to show that it is possible to create products that fulfil the children's needs, but also those of today's parents.

THANKS to everyone who believed and believe in this beautiful adventure. Thanks for your advice, your encouragements, your help, your communicative energy, your little words that encourage and help me every day.

THANKS also to all the babies, the young mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, grandmas and granddads, close and not so close friends… you are all my daily source of inspiration.

Virginie Fraipont - designer

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