The Ooplaboo concept

« Because I wanted to wrap our kids in comfort, make their nights soft and spice up their mornings with a touch of playfulness ».

Virginie Fraipont - designer

In 2012 Virginie Fraipont, a stylist, but most of all a modelist, decided to design the Ooplaboo pyjamas.

Ooplaboo dresses babies like big children, girls like boys.

The Ooplaboo pyjamas evolve with age and wink at the parents by offering them pyjamas that match their children's.

An Ooplaboo pyjama is a creative pyjama, invented and made perfect by the designer.

Ooplaboo is a style with fine lines, tenderly floating between classic French and playful Belgian. The prints are all unique, designed by Virginie Fraipont in collaboration with Lorraine Frenet, textile graphics designer and friend.

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